Below is a selection of articles written by and about Mary Kay and her work. Click on a title to view a PDF of the article.

Big Botany, 2018
By Mary Kay for Big Botany at Spencer Museum, University of Kansas

Presentation for Artists Open House, 2018
By Mary Kay for KU School of Medicine

Healing Art, 2018
By Gary Demuth for The Salina Journal

Press Release for Lost Pollinators, 2018
By Tina Goodwin

Catalogue Essay for Kansas City Collection III, 2014
By Dana Self

Crystal Bridges Exhibition to Include Kansas and Missouri Artists, 2014
By Blair Schulman for Huffington Post

Naturalism Two Ways: Bones, Hair, and Jaws in Paint, 2008
By Steve Walker for Review

Remembering Today, Longing for Long Ago, Protecting Tomorrow, 2008
By Sue Spaid

At Grand Arts, Mary Kay and Rebecca Morales show dirty, rotten — and beautiful — work, 2008
By Dana Self for The Pitch

Mary Kay/Rebecca Morales at Grand Arts, 2008
By Elisabeth Kirsh for The Kansas City Star

Nature Remains, 2003
By Saralyn Reece Hardy

Nature Remains, 2003
By Mary Kay

Histories, 1999
By Mary Kay

To Fly an Earthen Carpet, 1994
By Mary Kay

Contemporaries VI: Mary Kay, 1992
By Leland Warren

Shapes of a Vivid Kingdom, 1991
By John Hull